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To help you start your business, we provide a personal live BizStep Guide and our automated BizSteps Guidance System. Our BizSteps Guidance SystemTM is not an online training system. It is a virtual guidance system. It is interactive. It asks the right questions and presents the right material based on your responses. It gives you the right training, instructions, and tools based on your choices as you go and helps you analyze the results.

The BizStep Guidance System automates many of the BizStepsTM. It explains what you need to accomplish, teaches you the background concepts, gives you instructions on how to produce the results needed, and includes interactive dialogues and tools to help you do it. You can work at your own pace. And if you need additional help with a difficult step or someone to review your decisions, your personal BizStep Guide is available.

However, our virtual guidance system cannot replace your personal BizStep GuideTM completely. There are always some tasks required for each biz that cannot be anticipated and automated. And a review by an experienced person is always helpful.

Learn more about Phase 1 and the BizSteps Guidance System

Phase 1 is the essential place to start. And it's FREE! Access to BizSteps for the first phase of starting your business requires no subscription, no credit card, or any obligation. Just click the button below.

Our BizSteps in Phase 1 will help you: Document your current ideas, your baseline. Make key financial decisions. Create a list of your favorite business areas. Discover new business areas of interest that are the best for YOU. Determine your core drivers. Define what success means for you. Examine your business challenges. Choose your business area in which you will invent your new biz with the help of our sophisticated yet simple decision tool. Develop your vision and goals.

Try it! You have nothing to lose.

Learn more about Phase 2 and the "Invent Your Business" Subscription

Includes BizSteps, tasks, an online workbook, and tools to help you invent your business. This phase is the most challenging. It is the critical part of starting a business. If you don't get this right, everything else you do doesn't matter. Our BizSteps in Phase 2 will help you: Create your business entity. Research and invent your product or service and your business model. Experiment with multiple business model prototypes. Financially analyze your new business model. Forecast your take-home income potential. Then validate your business model, your strategy, and customer interest before raising money or investing your life's savings.

Beyond Phase 2, our additional phases help you: Develop your strategy. Design your business. Plan your launch. Forecast your finances. Fund your business. And launch your business.

Learn more about your personal BizStep Guide

Your BizStep Guide can explain the next piece of your biz that you need to create. And he or she can teach you how to create it using the optimal tools. Your guide can help you to complete a BizStep or a unique task as needed.

Every BizStepper is assigned a personal BizStep Guide after the first BizStep. This manual process is based on your responses to an interview in that step. We match you with the best BizStep Guide for you and for your situation. Our guides are qualified, experienced, successful entrepreneurs. We are highly selective. In addition to their experience, intelligence, and abilities, we only hire those who are motivated to help you to start your biz successfully.

Along with these credentials, your personal BizStep Guide is trained in our startup process. Your guide can do more than answer your questions. He or she can lead you through the process and teach you the right questions to ask, where to find the answers, and how to make your decisions. This is critical because decisions that are right for others often will not serve you well. Your BizStep guide can help you ensure that your decisions are right for YOU.