Want to start your

business the easy way?

Want to start your business the easy way?

Want to start your business the easy way?

Want to start your business the easy way?

Want to start your business the easy way?


Getting from point A to point Z can be daunting unless you remember that you don't have to get from A to Z.

You just have to get from A to B. 

Breaking big dreams into small steps is the way to move forward.

Sheryl Sandberg
Chief Operating Officer of Facebook

Build your dream one simple step at a time

We took the whole complicated business startup chore and broke it down into small easy steps.

We call them BizSteps.

BizSteps guide you through starting your business one step at a time in the right order. Each step builds on the last.

In each BizStep...

  1. we teach you the essential concepts for that step and then
  2. we interactively guide you through a simple process to create one piece of your biz.

You don't just learn. You actually build your business as you go.

The work you complete in each BizStep is automatically saved in your online BizStep Workbook. It is organized into your "playbook" that you can print at any time.

Man climbing one step at a time

A simple, proven process can save you time and money

You don't have to spend time figuring out what to do or how to do it. And fewer mistakes mean less time and money wasted redoing things. Even if you know what you're doing, BizSteps can help you go through the details a lot faster. That means making money sooner.

Don't have a "big idea" to start on?

There's a BizStep for that too! It will help you figure out what to focus on that's best for you. (And it's free!)

You'll be assigned your own personal BizStep Guide

BizStep Guide talking on phone with BizStepper

Your BizStep Guide can lead you through any step when needed. If you're working through a BizStep on your own, your personal guide will be there if you need additional help. Your guide will monitor your progress and can review your work upon request.

Our guides have many years of business experience and are trained in every BizStep and in all our tools. An experienced set of eyes can be both reassuring and helpful.

Unlike coaching and consulting programs, you're not obligated to pay a lot each month for a couple of hours of help. There is no monthly minimum charge for your guide. You can schedule time with your BizStep Guide just when you feel you need it.

The first phase of BizSteps is free so it's easy to get started

Not only is Phase 1 free, you don't even need to sign up for a subscription. There's no trial period or any of those gimmicks. You don't have to enter your credit card. You can just go to Phase 1 and get started.

You just need to sign in so your work can be saved in your BizStep Workbook. Everything else you need to know is explained in Phase 1.

Are you ready to start creating your biz?

Start Phase 1 Now


You're not alone. We're on your side, step by step.